How to save to “My Favorites” or “Bookmarks” so you can get back to the web site

On your search engine toolbar is either a “Favorites” word or a “Bookmark” word somewhere at the top of the page. If it is “Favorites” you can put your cursor on the word and left click. This opens a drop down menu to “Save to Favorites” or to “Add to your Favorites Bar”. If you add to the bar than you will see that web location on the bar or if you have several saved the little arrows to the right side of the bar will reveal additional favorites you may have saved. If you just save to favorites the location will always be listed under “Favorites” when you left click on the word to reveal them. Either way all you have to do now is click on the saved favorite to return to that web site. For the “Bookmark” feature just left click on the “Bookmark” and save or add to the navigation bar as with the favorites bar. Sometimes you need to search for the “Bookmark” so look for a symbol that when you hover your cursor over the symbol allows for the “Bookmark”. Follow the prompts as ion the saving favorites.

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