Pulling on compression stockings

The conventional method for putting on or “Dawning” a stocking is different than the way a compression stocking would be “Dawned”. Think of 1 rubber band slipping over your hand than think of 20 rubber bands together and the difference of the stretch ability of the 1 compared to 20 rubber bands together. Gathering the compression stocking is very similar to this so that is not the advised method for pulling this stocking onto your foot and over your heal and up your leg.  Think in terms of a little bit at a time and three separate goals. The first is over the toes of the foot and the second is eased over the heel of the foot with the third is eased up the leg and over the calf. Rubber gloves like dishwashing gloves are very handy to enhance the grip of the stocking material. At this point I will point out the stronger the compression the more difficult it is to pull them on. If the 30-40 compression is just not manageable don’t give up but try at least the 20-30 compression level. It may not be optimum but it still supplies therapy and helps with the blood flow returning to the heart. If the leg is sensitive to the top band consider a stocking with a beaded silicone band above the calf. To remove the stockings, turn them inside out starting at the top to slide off your leg with the fabric to fabric reducing the grip or tension. I get the end past my toes and step on it with my other foot and pull my foot out of the stocking.

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