Things to look out for on “Free Shipping”

We offer pure “Free Shipping” for a purchase of $50 or more. This means that the item will ship the same but will not cost the customer an additional fee. (We drop ship anywhere in the USA in 3 or 4 working days) The volume price or dollar amount allows a little wiggle room but shipping is still a cost to the business. Some free shipping is meant to be 10 to 20 days and to get the 3 day you will pay a hefty penalty that is $80 to $100 to expedite the delivery. For a shipper “Next Day” can be as much as a $100 so be sure that 3 days won’t do for your purchased item and be sure that 3 days is the customary “Free Shipping”. Many times Next Day turns out to be at least 2 days and many times the 3 day for us is 2 days. All shipping is done through a calculator provided by the shipper, so if your freight amount is a little high you might want to inquire about it. Actual costs for most items less than 3 lbs is $12 and more than 3 lbs is around $20. This would represent competitive shipping and handling.  The product is processed by the internet store and sent on to the manufacturer to process and send an order down to the warehouse for picking, packing and shipping. The carrier picks it up and may process this through as many as a ½ dozen warehouses en route to the customer. The fantasy that this is done for “free” is just incorrect. The exception is a large inventory of a specialty item that can be sent parcel post in a priority box. The shipping cost now is $4 to $9 but handling is still a real cost.

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